Thursday, 4 December 2008

december meeting

we all really enjoyed ourselves on tuesday at our christmas party/ meeting.
we munched on some delicious homemade mince pies, shortcake, spice cake, pecan and orange snowballs and almond macaroons and drank lots of tea and coffee.
we also got to cover our eyes and rummage with our hands in a big black bag - it was secret santa time! the presents were a-plenty and so well made!
may you and yours have a peaceful christmas and a new year full of happiness!
our next meeting will be held on the 6th january at 7:30pm in the lagan room at the ulster folk and transport museum, cultra, county down.
we look forward to welcoming some more new faces!


Dulcinea said...

Looks like I just missed the January meeting - I've been meaning to join the Guild for a stupidly long time, so getting to a meeting is my resolution this year! Hope to see you in February.

mrs moon said...

I missed it too, but February should be a great meeting. Look forward to meeting you there!