Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Selling your yarn and Purl Celebration plans

Last nights meeting focused on selling your yarn. Joanne, Inga and Freda each gave a short presentation. Joanne discussed using the internet and marketing your products. Inga introduced us to 'googlewack' and 'making yourself viral' in her talk on promoting yourself and Freda talked about her experience of selling at craft fairs, shows and local shops. Hopefully everyone was inspired and maybe we'll all be decreasing our current stash so we can make a new one!

We were reminded to leave items for display/sale at Knit and Stitch with Joanne, Dorothy, Kay or Inga before Wednesday 15th April.

Forthcoming events also mentioned were:
UFTM Cultra Wool Day 30th May
Saintfield Show 20th June 2009
Castlewellan Show 18th July (TBC)
Holywood Transition Town event Sept 2009 (TBC)

As it is our 30th year as a guild a celebration was proposed. It was also pointed out that 30th anniversary is represented by pearl, so this will be our Purl celebration! It will be on Tuesday 16th June at a venue to be arranged. We hope to contact as many current and past members as possible and new members will also of course be very welcome!

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